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Premium Kerosene Benefits

The Benefits Of Premium Kerosene

Premium kerosene from The Heating Oil People is more than just a fuel.

What is premium kerosene?

With highly specialised addititves package, premium kerosene is an enhanced heating fuel that will help to enhance the performance of your home heating system keeping it running efficiently and reliably.

Our premium kerosene additives stabilise your fuel, keeps your fuel fresher and your boiler performing better for longer.

What are the benefits of premium kerosene?

1. Premium kerosene is better for your boiler

The fuel additives of premium kerosene reduces deposit build up around your nozzle and heat exchanger within your boiler. This helps ensure that the cleanliness and performance of your boiler is maintained for longer following its annual service. This in turn reduces the risk of maintenance issues and breakdowns, making premium kerosene a smart choice for your home heating system.

2. Premium kerosene is a cleaner and greener fuel

Because your fuel remains fresher in your tank and the performance of your boiler is maintained, your boiler burns less fuel. With its high quality fuel additives, premium kerosene home heating oil will help your boiler produce less CO2 than standard kerosene making it cleaner, greener and more efficient.

3. Premium kerosene lasts longer

All fuel deteriorates over time. The mix of special additives in premium kerosene helps to keep your fuel fresher, for longer, meaning that you will be getting the full potential form premium kerosene whether it’s the first or last drop out of your tank. It also avoids deposit and sludge build up which can result in partially blocked burners, clogged pipes and filters and dirty heat exchangers

4. Premium kerosene works with your current system

You can upgrade to premium kerosene without having to upgrade your heating system. Make the switch to premium kerosene at any time without the need to update your boiler or drain the existing fuel in your tank.

5. Premium kerosene is a cost-effective source of energy

Switching to premium kerosene will help to maintain your boilers optimum performance. It is better for your boiler, your pocket and the environment

As the UK’s leading supplier of kerosene, we are supplied by all the major oil companies. This means
we only receive the best quality fuel at discounted prices which is a benefit we pass on to you.

Buying premium kerosene

We have fuel depots located across England and Wales, with friendly, professional and highly knowledgeable staff who are all dedicated to delivering premium quality heating fuel, safely and on time.

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