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Get The Best Heating Oil Price

How To Get The Best Heating Oil Price

Ensure you're getting the best heating oil price around by following these top tips from The Heating Oil People.

Compare Prices & Switch Heating Oil Suppliers

Research conducted by the heating oil comparison site BoilerJuice, has shown that one out of every three households using home heating oil, has never switched suppliers.

Using a comparison site is a good way to gain an overview of how prices compare across heating oil suppliers. It's worth noting however that some of these sites aren't transparent about their links to parent oil suppliers, or hidden charges that are often applied at checkout. 

Here at The Heating Oil People, we buy our fuel direct from the major oil terminals. This enables us to offer our customers the best quality fuel and the cheapest heating oil price.

Gat a heating oil quote and compare our prices today.

Plan Ahead With Your Heating Oil Supply

Don't leave buying heating oil until the last minute as emergency deliveries can cost more.

Keeping an eye on your oil tank and routinely ordering a top up (when you're less than a quarter full) will help to avoid situations where you could run out of home fuel.

We offer FREE standard heating oil delivery to help you save money on your home heating. Don't panic if you do forget to order your home fuels in time though; we provide a next and named day delivery service at very competitive prices. Call us on 08000 235 905 to speak to a member of our friendly team.

Buy In Bulk For Discounts

As with most things, the more heating oil you buy, the more money you can save.

If you have a large heating oil tank, buyng and storing larger quantities of heating oil can save you money. The problem with this is that the more heating oil you store, the more you have to lose if it's stolen.

If you don't want to store large amounts of heating oil or you don't have the capacity available, joining a heating oil club or starting your own heating oil buying group an give you better purchase power.

By teaming up with your neighbours, friends, family or local businesses who also use heating oil, you can purchase a larger quantity of fuel at discounted prices. Find out how to set up your own oil club with advice from the Citizens Advice website.

Benefit From Fair Weather Pricing

Prices for heating oil fluctuate throughout the year due to a number of external factors including political issues, global production and the price of crude oil, local demand, and of course the weather.

Heating oil prices tend to be cheaper in the Sping and Summer months as demand is lower with the warmer weather. If you have a large tank, building up your home fuel stocks over the fair wetaher months means you will likely save money on your heating oil deliveries.

You will also avoid any potential delivery problems due to adverse weather conditions.

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