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What Are Heating Oil Additives?

What Are Heating Oil Additives? Shop Premium Kerosene

A great way to make your heating oil system last longer, heating oil additives or fuel oil additives are designed to improve thermal efficiency and reduce the build up of carbon and soot in your heating oil tank.

Using a carefully selected blend of chemicals, fuel stabilisers and lubricants, you can reduce the effects of daily wear and tear on your oil tank and prolong the lifespan of your heating system.

Why do you need heating oil additives?

Home heating fuel is refined from crude oil. During the refining process the characteristics of the oil changes creating impurities. Heating oil additives do not alter the chemical properties of your heating oil but they do help to remove these impurities created during the refining.

Refined kerosene is already an extremely efficient home heating fuel, but the addition of heating oil additives, help to further improve your tanks thermal efficiency and protect its components from excess damage.

Types of Heating Oil Additives:

  • Water Controllers - These help to control excess water condensation in your heating oil tank Heating Oil
  • Stabilisers and Antioxidants - These help to protect your tank against external environmental influences
  • Biocides - These help to kill microbial growth in your heating oil tank
  • Line and Oil Gun Cleaners (Surfactants) - These help to clean the fuel delivery lines and stop the build up of sludge in the tank

If your heating system suffers from a build up of sludge and clogging, if you find your fuel gelling or if you notice your fuel consumption increasing, you might find that using a blend of heating oil additives helps to alleviate the problems and improve the overall performance of your home heating.

Premium Kerosene

Premium Kerosene is a type of heating oil that has been pre-treated with additives to stabilise the fuel and enhance its performance.

If you're unsure about adding heating oil additives yourself then buying premium kerosene is a surefire way to safeguard your tank with minimal interference.

Read more about the benefits of premium kerosene.

Oil Tank Care

As well as maintaining your oil quality, it’s also important to have your tank serviced regularly by OFTEC registered technician.

Using heating oil additives or buying premium kerosene offers many advantages for your home heating system but it should not be considered as an alternative to boiler maintenance. Annual system health checks help to ensure optimum performance and safety of your heating system.

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