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Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier

Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier

Let’s face it - oil tanks are vital to keep our homes lovely and warm, but they can be a bit of an eye-sore. With summer fast approaching, and National Gardening Week running from Monday 29th April to Sunday 5th May, wouldn’t it be nice to disguise your heating oil tank, so it isn’t the first thing you see when you look out of the window? Read on to discover a few ways to make your heating oil tank prettier for National Gardening Week and beyond…

National Gardening Week

National Gardening Week was launched a few years ago by the Royal Horticultural Society and aims to become the country’s biggest celebration of gardening. Thousands of people, gardens, charities, retailers and heritage organisations have got involved during this time, and so can you!

Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier

Different ideas will work better for different sizes and styles of outdoor space. Also, you’ll have a lot more freedom if you own the property, compared to if you rent it.


Probably the quickest, cheapest and easiest fix to make your oil tank pretty is to put a fence around it, or at least a screen to block it from view. Whether you choose to use wooden panels, bamboo or reed; all three can be bought ready-made and ready to go, for a low cost. The fence can then be stained, painted or treated to make it last longer outside and to help it

blend in more with its surroundings. Have a read of this Which ‘Garden fencing: what you need to know’ article for inspiration and top tips.

Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier Fence Panels


With trellis, you need to be a bit more patient. If you’re happy to wait, then this can be a beautiful way to make your heating oil tank prettier. Once you’ve erected the trellis, you can start to grow plants up it. Think about the type of plants and flowers though, finding out when they bloom and die back. The RHS and RSPB have some good ideas for climbers and wall shrubs, whilst inviting different types of animals and insects in to your garden at the same time.

Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier Trellis


A hedge is a long-term plan, so definitely don’t start this if you’re only renting your home! Once mature, a hedge has many benefits; its dense leaves will block your oil tank from view in the nicest of ways, and will hopefully be a pleasing colour all year round if you pick the right plant. It’ll also provide a new home for wildlife, such as birds and insects. You’ll need to work out what type of soil you have in your garden first, and how much sunlight the area gets. Have a look at both the Suttons and Thompson & Morgan websites for advice on evergreen hedging and shrubs to enjoy your hedge all year round, and of course make your heating oil tank prettier.

Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier Garden Hedge

Camouflage Netting

Before spending lots of money on a new camouflage net, why not check out eBay, gumtree or even a carboot sale to see if you can grab a bargain first. There are many styles, sizes and colours of camouflage netting - look out for one that ties in with what’s in your garden or yard. It’s also ideal if you don’t have enough space for a fence, trellis or hedge; or if you’re renting and can’t make any permanent changes but want to disguise an ugly heating oil tank.

Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier Camouflage Netting


Do you own your home? Feeling a bit creative? For that unique touch, why not try painting your oil tank and make a feature out of it? There are many weird and wonderful designs already out there to inspire you; we suggest taking a look on Pinterest for some ideas. Depending on what your tank is made of out, you’ll need to seek advice from your local homeware store and explain what you are using the paint for.

Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier Paint

Important Things To Remember

  • Always speak to the landlord first before making any changes to a rental property; whether that’s inside or outside.
  • If doing anything regarding your heating oil, always make sure it’s safe and complies with the strict rules that come along with heating oil tanks. Leave a gap, don’t add anything flammable etc. British standards require a clearance of 600mm between the tank and any screening. We suggest having a look on the OFTEC website before you do anything.
  • Make sure that the next time you order heating oil, the delivery driver can still locate your tank, and has safe and easy access to it.
  • All of our suggestions would also work well to hide those necessary but unsightly recycling bags, rubbish bins and water butts too.

During National Gardening Week, share your photos of how you disguise your heating oil tank with us on social media - we’d love to see them! Be sure to read our ‘Protecting Your Heating Oil’ blog too; from preventing oil leaks to protecting your tank against theft, we compiled everything you need to know about maintaining your heating oil tank.

We do hope our ‘Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier’ blog has helped you?

Here’s to a lovely summer in your garden or yard!

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