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Six Steps For Your Home Heating This Summer

Six Steps For Your Home Heating This Summer

Hopefully you’re reading this in shorts and a t-shirt?! As the temperature outside rises, most of us tend to put things at home such as boilers, central heating and our heating oil tanks at the back of our minds.

Before you forget, why not check out this blog and follow our Six Steps For Your Home Heating This Summer…

1. Inspect Your Heating Oil Tank

Inspect your heating oil tank regularly and have it serviced annually by a qualified OFTEC engineer. Make sure no cracks have appeared and that the top of the oil tank is screwed on properly. Find a heating oil checklist, what to do if you experience heating oil leaks or heating oil theft, and guidance for oil tank installation in our Protecting Your Heating Oil blog.

2. Cut Back Trees And Roots Close To Your Oil Tank

You may have a large tree near to your oil tank that’s starting to grow a bit too close for comfort, or you may have some energetic ivy, or another climbing plant, trying its best to cover everything in sight! Make sure to prune them back and sort any issues out before it becomes a problem and damages your heating oil tank.

Cut back trees near your home heating oil tank

3. Allow Room For Condensation

Your oil tank can suffer serious damage from summer heat and humidity if not properly cared for. Moist air can create condensation inside your oil tank, leading to build-up, so never fill your fuel tank completely full as this condensation is even worse during hot weather.

4. Get Your Boiler Serviced 

You should have your boiler serviced annually, and summer is a good time to do this. Not only will this ensure it’s running efficiently and safely for the year ahead, but it will also validate any manufacturer’s warranties you may still have on the appliance. Also, this way, when the season changes again you won’t have a sudden shock when nothing works during a cold-snap!

Get your boiler serviced in summer

5. Summer Is The Time For Updates

Whether you need a new boiler, new radiators or a new gauge setting up on your heating oil tank - all these tasks are a lot easier to do in the summertime, as it’s usually dry and warm. So think back to winter, what you said you needed to do and make a start today!

6. Get A Free Heating Oil Quote And Fill Up!

Many people get their oil tank filled up during summer as the price is usually more competitive compared to the colder months of winter. Check your stock of oil – have you got any room for a summer top up? Whether you want to organise Premium Kerosene home delivery or home heating oil; don’t forget you can get a free online quote today!

Free heating oil quote online

Here’s to another amazing summer, fingers crossed!

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