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Getting Your Finances Organised In 2019

Happy New Year! What are your resolutions for 2019? Does one of them include sorting out your finances by any chance? As this is a popular subject, especially at this time of year, we thought we’d give you some suggestions on getting your finances organised for the first month after Christmas, and for the remainder of the year…

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Make A Plan, And Stick To It

Where did 2018 go? Time certainly flies doesn’t it?! To help your finances in 2019, try making a monthly plan. It’s so easy and quick to make a spreadsheet nowadays, and there are plenty of free budget templates on the internet too. Note monthly bills and pencil in any events, projects or purchases that you know are coming up in 2019. Plan ahead to avoid that feeling of dread and panic when you suddenly remember something coming up that’s going to be expensive.

Delete Debts

It’s easy to bury your head in the sand, but ignoring debt and bills unfortunately doesn’t make them disappear. Most of the time people do this because it’s all too overwhelming and feels impossible to pay back. If you break your debts down, and pay a small amount off each month, you’ll start to feel much happier and in control, and soon see a difference. Citizens Advice offers free help with this. Remember it’s better to sort it sooner rather than later.

Study Subscriptions

Make some time to go through your recent statements and review all of your direct debits and standing orders. When was the last time you actually watched something on Netflix? It may only be £5.99 a month but every little helps. If you haven’t used something for a while, why are you continuing to pay for it? Look at utility bills, car insurance, your phone bill. Can you stop or switch them to get yourself a better deal? Before doing any of this, remember that if you have a contract, you may be charged a fee for leaving earlier than agreed, so always check this first.

Critique Credit Cards

Not our area of expertise, but we know that if you have a promotional offer on a credit card, it’s always advisable to move the balance to a new account before you have to start paying interest. Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, is full of good ideas and top tips when it comes to this, and other ways of saving money.

Organise your finances in 2019

Food Glorious Food

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of wasting food. Why not make this one of your resolutions for 2019 if it’s not already? Freeze food if you know there’s a chance you won’t get round to eating it before it goes off, look in the reduced section of the supermarket when you do your weekly shop and once or twice a week, promise to only make yourself a meal with what you have in your fridge to use it up. A good way of doing this is to make an omelette. Chuck a few savoury ingredients in to make a cheap, tasty and healthy meal.

There are plenty of chefs out there thinking about you too, with £1 meal suggestions… it’s worth investing in a cookbook like this, as it'll save you a fortune long-term. Skip the takeaways and try one of these recipes once a week instead!

Food glorious food

Unsubscribe From Temptation

You may leave the room when the TV adverts come on, you may chuck away junk-mail before even reading it, but how often do you examine what’s sent your way in the form of emails? Reduce your inbox, stress and temptation by unsubscribing from any emails that hassle you, you’re no longer interested in or just the opposite - you want everything! Try removing this temptation from your life and see how you go on… you can always sign up again in the future when you’ve got your finances in better shape.

On a different note, it’s a good idea to sign up to our emails, to be the first to hear about any special offers or events we may be having, so you don’t miss out! Have you seen our latest offer for money off heating oil for you and your friends?!

Focus On Freebies

Not everything has to cost the earth - check out free local events, new restaurant openings, free concert tickets. Make it your mission to hunt down something for free each month. Does your bank offer any benefits such as free cinema tickets or even free money for having an account with them? Do a little research on freebies, and you may be pleasantly surprised!

Be Sustainable And Realistic

Most people don’t end up sticking to their resolutions because they either pick too many or what they’ve chosen is just not realistic or sustainable. Think about this when writing your list, and be honest about what you think you’ll be able to achieve; quality rather than quantity. If you stick to this way of thinking, you are much more likely to continue your hard work throughout 2019 and not give up before January is even over!

What are your top tips for getting your finances organised in 2019? We wish you all the best this year and look forward to continuing to offer you the best quality fuel, great prices and free standard delivery! Good luck!

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