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A To Z Of Heating Oil

A to Z of The Heating Oil People

A handy A to Z guide of The Heating Oil People.

A - Agricultural Fuel

When it comes to the supply of agricultural fuel, The Heating Oil People are the best in the field (ahem)! We've been keeping farms across the UK running for over 50 years; supplying the best quality fuels at the cheapest possible prices with a convenient delivery service that always puts our farmers first.

B - Boiler Types

There are 3 main types of oil powered boilers - combi, system and regular. They work in the same way as a gas powered system with the exception that the fuel is stored and supplied from an externally positioned oil tank.

For more information on which households are most suited to oil boilers,, how oil boilers work and typical boiler prices, take a look at this Which? oil boiler advice guide.

C - Commercial Fuel

With our nationwide network of fuel depots, The Heating Oil People have been fueling the nation with commercial fuels for over half a century. Our local fuel depots provide a professional and reliable service, with fuel stocked and ready for you need it the most.

D - Domestic Heating Oil

Keep your house warm and the hot water flowing with a home heating oil delivery from The Heating Oil People. We provide a friendly and personable service to over 45,000 homes around the UK - try us, we might just surprise you.

E - Easy Online Ordering

We've made it easy to get an instant quote for your heating oil in just a few simple steps. All you need to do is tell us what type of heating oil you require and how much you need with a few basic contact details and we’ll send you an instant quote. If you like what you see, simply confirm a delivery date and pay securely online. It’s that simple!

F - FREE Standard Delivery

Our heating oil delivery service is one of the most flexible around with FREE standard delivery and named day delivery options to suit you. Call us on 08000 235 905 to find out more or get an instant online quote.

G - Get Smart

From heating and lighting to everyday appliances and security, our homes are becoming smarter and more connected through the growing use of smart and connected products. You can now control your lighting from your phone, set your heating remotely, see who is at your door without being at home and switch on the kettle from any room in the house. Find out more in our blog on smart home management.

H - Heating Oil Additives

Heating oil additives are a great way to make your heating oil system last longer by improving the oils thermal efficiency and reducing the build up of carbon and soot in your heating oil tank.

Discover more about the benefits heating oil additives.

I - In The Know

Stay up to date and in the know with all the latest news, current events and special offers from The Heating Oil People on FacebookTwitter and of course our blog.

J - Join a Heating Oil Club

Team up up friends, neighbours, local farms and business to save money on heating oil. Joining a heating oil club offers a great way to buy heating oil by using your collective purchasing power to order large quantities of fuel at lower prices thanks to economies of scale.

K - Kerosene

Kerosene, also known as heating oil, 28 second oil, fuel oil, lamp oil or paraffin, is widely used in homes, farms and business around UK as a highly versatile energy source. Originally Kerosene was used in kerosene lamps and lanterns, today it is widely used for lighting, heating, cooking and transportation. Some lesser known applications of kerosene include fire breathing and juggling, as well as use as an industrial solvent, lubricant and pesticide.

L - Local Heating Oil Supplier

We have a network of strategically located depots delivering heating oil to domestic and commercial customers throughout England and Wales. We employ local people with exceptional local knowledge, so we understand the unique needs of every area that we serve.

M - Maintaining Your Tank

From preventing oil leaks through regular tank maintenance to protecting it against theft, we've compiled a handy heating oil tank checklist to help you to manage your heating oil tank effectively. If you have any questions on maintaining or protecting your home heating oil tank, get in touch or call us on 08000 235 905.

N - New to Heating Oil

If you've recently moved house and inherited a heating oil tank or maybe you're considering going 'off grid', the team at The Heating Oil People are here to help make the transition a little easier. If you're new to heating oil and looking for the best way to keep your tank topped up, our convenient online ordering service is quick and easy to use.

O - Ordering and Payments

Our minimum order for heating oil is 500 litres to ensure that our customers receive the best value from our services. We accept all major credit cards to make payment a fast and secure process and you can choose to pay either online or over the phone.

P - Premium Heating Oil

Premium heating oil or premium kerosene is an enhanced heating fuel that helps to increase the performance of your heating system by keeping your fuel fresher and your boiler performing better for longer.

Discover more about the benefits of premium heating oil.

Q - Quote for Heating Oil

Get a quote for heating oil, 24 hours a day via our website on your phone, tablet or computer. If you haven't bought fuel from us before, try us, we might surprise you!

R - Regular Oil Tank Servicing

In addition to completing your own regular maintenance checks it's advisable to to have your heating oil tank serviced once a year by a registered Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) technician.

S - Save Money On Your Home Heating

There are lots of ways you can save money on your winter home heating bills, from investing in home insulation, to fixing up draughts and wearing an extra jumper! If you use heating oil, ordering your fuel early will ensure you benefit from the best prices and also gives you more flexibility when it comes to delivery.

T - The Heating Oil People

The UK’s leading heating oil supplier, The Heating Oil People has a strategically located network of depots with a modern fleet of over 80 fuel tankers delivering heating oil to homes, farms and businesses across England and Wales.

Read more about The Heating Oil People.

U - Understanding Heating Oil Pricing

The price of your home heating oil can vary daily depending on a number of key global, national and local factors. At the heating oil people, we review our prices on a daily basis to ensure that we're giving you the best deals possible on your heating oil.

Find out more about what affects heating oil prices.

V - Value for Money

When you deal direct with The Heating Oil People, you’re dealing directly with the supplier so you won't have to pay any excessive commission charges that other websites charge. We check our prices daily to ensure we're offering the cheapest heating oil and with our FREE standard delivery offer, we really are the best value heating oil service for your money.

W - Weekend Heating Oil Deliveries

We pride ourselves on providing a professional and reliable delivery service that puts our customers first. We understand how busy life gets, which is why we offer convenient weekend deliveries as part of our named day delivery options. Simply call us on 08000 235 905 to discuss your heating oil delivery needs.

X - X Marks The Spot

When installing a heating oil tank, there are a number of key factors to consider when thinking about positioning. When installing an oil tank you need to think about its location, finding the balance between access, aesthetics and security whilst also adhering to the relevant regulations. A domestic oil storage tank up to 3,500 litres can be installed inside providing the tank has a secondary containment such, as a bund, to protect against leaks.

Find out more about oil tank positioning.

Y - Year Round Supply

We’re supplied by all the major oil companies to ensure we always have the best quality fuel stocked and ready for delivery, all year round. You can trust us to turn up when we say we will, even in the depths of the British winter.

Z - (Near) Zero Emissions

Kerosene is one of the cleanest and safest fuels to use for heating. It produces fewer fumes when compared to burning coal and wood and has a low risk of carbon monoxide emissions. With newer heating systems heating oil emission levels can be close to zero.

Fuel For The Home

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about heating oil supplies you can contact us or call us on 08000 235 905.

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